What did you do in the Apiary today?

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Warmer here today with strong gusts forecast, with rain from tonight, so strapped things down.
Also checked fondants and renewed three out of five. Two had no bees in the tubs, with about a quarter of the fondant left.….
Moved 3 hives from the garden to a new allotment site, only about 400m away as the bee flies. Having been stuck inside for a couple of weeks and with the addition of ‘magic twigs‘, hopefully they won’t fly home at the next opportunity. Weighed all hives and a couple were down to about 10lb of stores so sticking some fondant on tomorrow morning. Compared with last year they are getting through the stores much quicker.
Found my first casualty of the winter yesterday, was hefting a few in my isolation apiary and whilst peering through the the acrylic crown board I noticed the cluster was small and no sign of movement. A quick lift of the crown board confirmed their demise. 😔
They were a late swarm so I am not surprised they didn’t make it.
Sorry to hear that.
Today, we have temperatures of 13c. I'm checking all hives in both apiaries for stores and general condition.
Nothing - got to my gate to the range apiary to find two trees across the track and at least one more down further up. CBA to go all the way home and then bring up the chainsaw, not feeling that bright anyway, and with high winds forecast for this afternoon, gave it all up for the day.
Stuck fondant on two hives at the new allotment apiary, strapped up all 3 hives and put a few bricks on top. Good to see the bees going back into the hives rather than heading back to my garden. Them magic twigs are magic 🤪
Today the ground was hard for the first time in the orchard where I have bees, despite the cold weather of the last few days. I checked and cleaned the boards. All colonies at this site seem to be rearing brood and not varroa.

I can't resist taking pictures of hazel every year. Lots of other things too at this low-colour time of year. The clematis caught my attention. A case of the photo revealing more than seen by the naked eye.
Great pics
First day in last 5 that I’ve been able to get the bee van up the drive - snow up here in the Pennines since Monday. Checked a few colonies for stores and varroa boards all seems ok for now . Storm Isha is on its way and now blowing a hoolie and lashing with rain


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12C and windless. Quick check of everything and topping up fondant . All alive, double Kieler mini nuc looking very strong.
10 -12" wing length.
Plenty of magpie and crow about, but the predator is intriguing.
Quora states that eagles, hawks and owls will eat magpie, so peregrine is a possible.
Doesn't look like a magpie to be honest, any lapwings in that area?
Checked colonies for fondant and was pleased to see plenty (of bees not fondant) flying from all hives.
lapwings in that area?
Could be. This Hackney Citizen article suggests they're not far away, and we have three big bird havens - Hackney Marshes, Woodberry, Wetlands, Walthamstow Wetlands - all within a couple of miles of the church. I'll get a better photo of the wings.
A Corvid of some description then. Either a Magpie if the white bits are feathers or a Jackdaw if the white is ice.
K ;)
I'd go with magpie too; the primaries have a slight greenish tinge to them. A female Sparrowhawk would have no trouble taking out a magpie, particularly as food is difficult to come by at the moment. :0(

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