Weather throws cells.

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Poly Hive

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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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12 and 18 Nucs
As I suspected the horrid weather here over the last few days has pushed the two big colonies into making cells.

This is disappointing as I had hopes for comb honey from them. Such are bees.

So what now? Well they have to be guided now to achieve what they want which is to reproduce. To that end I am reorganising them as cell production units.

It is noticeable today that the package bees have reached the tip over point, which is to say the bees in the package are now dying off and the brood has yet to hatch. In other words they are now going backwards at the moment which is what I expected.

Other hives are coming on nicely but the rape is going over and will be finished in another 10 days or so. Not knowing the area is making decision making awkward and the easiest thing to do is to leave the hives where they are especially as they are now on double broods.


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