WBC bottom lift question.

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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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I am sanding down and repainting a WBC hive and have no idea why the bottom lift has a flap at the rear that has a catch on it ?

Any ideas please..
To have an escape hatch in case you get bees stuck between the lifts and the boxes?
Most designs of wbc have ready access to the space between the lifts and the inner boxes already.
Some Eastern double walled hives have a bridge/tunnel from entrance to brood chamber, but I haven't seen such things on a wbc !

ok I will come clean as to why I have not added a picture,its because its my 80 year old father is doing the repairs not me,well it keeps him out of mischief.
As Victor states,there is allready access between box's and lifts,plus wbc normally have cone escapes for bee's to get out. Have seen some adaptations to lifts for doing A/S, like a round hole and tube,or cut out hatch in lift for bee access. But can only take a guess that this entrance in the porch lift has been made to allow rear access for a varroa insert test tray,home made modification.