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Jun 26, 2021
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I’m beginning to see why 14x12 is not ideal for demaree.
The top box has now all emerged and last week they were back filling with nectar.
What do folk do now?
I would like to get the top box gone as it’s getting too heavy to lift.
Would it be quicker to move the top box down above bottom box with existing supers above this? It would be more manageable at that height?
Or another cunning plan please!
I stop looking in the brood box, wait till the honey in the top brood is capped then extract it.
Thanks. That make sense. I have looked in bbb and all looked well last week but couldn’t face lifting it off again especially as just hurt my back in a non beekeeping incident!!!
or anything else for that matter
In your opinion ... Lots of us actually like the benefits that come with running 14 x 12 formats .. not least of which is the lack of need (usually) for messing about with two standard national boxes, because one isn't big enough ... or worse still, the abberation that is brood and a half ! At least we will agree on the latter ...
I dont
Have any 14x12 any more all are national deeps, I actually prefer st national they are easier to inspect and find queens/manipulate when using double brood.
You can also split colony’s easier and sooner.
I like mine. Have no problem with it. It's hardly much different t from jumbo Langstroth, after all, and the whole world runs those.
The jumbo is quite a nice hive despite being designed around 35mm frame spacing -something that I don't think is ideal for such a large frame but that's just personal preference. One advantage the jumbo has over the 14x12 is that the frames, while bigger, have a better 'balance'; I always found the 14x12s to be a bit ungainly for actual handling but we all have our own preferences built on experience. I can certainly see how the bees might love the 14x12 combs and that could be as important a consideration as any.
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