The earliest swarm?

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Apr 15, 2009
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What's the earliest in the year fellow beeks on here have either seen or heard about a swarm?

I'm intrigued to know. Around these parts I think third week of April was the earliest I've heard of one......
2nd week of April last year I found swarm cells in a hive so would of been 3rd week of April as well.
2nd April 10 years ago. They were Italians I bought as a nuc in July the year before.
I hived the swarm and it started queen cells within days.

Since then I've never had anything earlier than 3rd week of April.
Even this far south the earliest I have had is 19th April, so pretty close to the 3rd week "norm"
My neighbours swarmed on the 20th April last year.

15 April last year. Just so happened to be on the allotment at the time made out I knew what was going on and it was a lovely thing to watch.

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