The 300 queens reply????

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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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As you all know I asked on this Forum if anybody could supply me with 300 queens I received NO serious replies. So as far as keep the queen’s native is concerned I tried.(For the Brigade of bigots”)
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We now have the new S/H 4x4 manatou 3 ton forklift arrived today, it unloaded the cold room panels off the Artic lorry this morning, (Thanks to hedgerow pete )
We have more than enough panels to make the 65ft x15f cold room that will enable us to shake the bees into packages faster on a 30ft conveyer with less bees able to fly off,
Get the idea JEZD!!!! confine them for 48 hours and they are ready to be shipped anywhere with a CLEAN health certificate.
The orders for next years UK Package bees has taken off very well there will be a limited amount 500 early season headed by AUSRALIAN queens.
All the best mike
all the best mike
HI JCBrum i told you before
taking orders for 3.1/2 POUND Packages already to replace with good clean stock year 2010!!!! It must be very serous if they are burning EFB as suggested in the news.
"I am only hoping to get lucky, but I might be going about it the wrong way? Said the man bringing the news.????"
All the best mike
Hmmm, It looks like you're going to make a lot of use of your new fork lift truck for loading lorries for despatch. It was obviously a wise and considered purchase.


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