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May 3, 2010
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W Sussex, UK
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I put feeders on my hives yesterday and gave each some 2:1 Autumn mixture of 8lb sugar with 4 pints of water. Total volume on feeder measuring gauge was about a gallon. I know this is a stupid question but was this is as often quoted " I gave my bees a gallon in a fast feeder" or half a gallon? BTW, found the Maisemore green rapid much easier as bees have no access to syrup chamber whereas on the hive with the Ashworth feeder, bees came up rapidly in to syrup trays and difficult not to send a few swimming :blush5: on adding syrup.
You gave them a gallon. It is the volume of syrup that counts, although perhaps of more use is knowing how much stores they will convert it to - in your case they should produce 10 pounds of stores from 8 pounds of sugar, on the assumption the stores will be 20% water.
It is not importat what volume you give. You must feed the combs full, because bees cap only full cells.
Feed something now and the rest in late september.
With an international audience, one needs to bear in mind that Imperial gallons are not the same as US gallons. Anyone making up a US recipe using Imperial volumes will be making it something like 20%(?) more dilute than design.

SI units are simpler and not so easily misunderstood or mistaken, not being dependent on origin.


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