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i had to go online and buy in bulk, got it down to about £1.30 a bag
Proper Job have washing soda on their website for £1.79 a kilo and s/spoon gran sugar £1.09 a kilo. I don’t need any, I stocked up on both earlier this year….! Washing soda is collection only.
😬just seen where your from , yes that is a bit out of the way, beautiful part of scotland though 👍
At least you have Springbank on the doorstep
Ahh well yes there is also Glen Scotia and two new ones planned soon.:scotland-flag::scotland-flag:(have you noticed that the scottish flag is the only animated one and involves drink!)
I collected a swarm from Glen Scotia a couple of weeks ago - still waiting for a liquid thank you!
Best value for soda crystals is Wilkos £1.50 for 1.5kg vs Tesco and Morrisons £2 - £2.20 for 1kg. Huge inflation vs 2 years ago at £1/kg. Only downside with Wilkos is you can only buy 10 bags on line, which I did with a few other purchases.

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