So what did you get for Xmas??

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Dec 7, 2008
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Newick, East Sussex
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Does it show our character -

I got (look away, Mike :svengo:) 1/2 an hour in a floatation tank
Muckboots to replace my originals that are sooooo clapped out
A Wii game of Zelda
An Apidea
Bee books ( some dating from 1940!!)

And great company with all 4 lads :cheers2:
Happy New Year, may it be healthy and not too job threatened!! And may the sun shine too:hurray:
Amongst other things I got a digital voice recorder. It's a nice bit of kit, 4 folders, up to 35hrs recording (depending on quality), a separate noise canceling mike. and has a trip volume adjustable voice activation system :),
Down side is , I have no excuse for not keeping my hive records up to date :ack2:. as I only have to start recording on my arrival at the hives, talk to myself as I inspect each hive and press stop recording at the end of the visit. No fuss, sticky record cards, pen you can't let go of etc :xmas-smiley-024::xmas-smiley-024:

And when you listen to the replay.
You will not believe how much you talk to your bees.:svengo:
And wait till you get a really angry guard on your veil, threatening you = you can barely hear your speech! Experience talking here:ack2:
I was thinking on those lines :) and summised that the high pitched shriek of an angry bee would be a little too high to mask the masculine voice !!
Time will tell ??

well I seem to have a specific reaction everytime I get stung. "Ohh you bugger" It's just comes out of my mouth before I have even time to register the stinging sensation. I really don't know why???

Oh, I got an electric propagator, WallE, Kung Fu Panda and The Matrix Trilogy on BluRay. We already have Bee Movie on DVD or I would have been getting that too. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

I got my Mrs an Ice Cream maker as a little token gift. We have just begun making some Vanilla and Honey, using real vanilla pods and some home grown honey. Yummy!!!!
Slices of ginger go well with that honey in the ice cream maker.:drool5:
Just dont go off to look at the bees etc and forget it - gets quite difficult to extract and the machine vibrates!!:willy_nilly:
the Mrs is complaining about the frozen bees!

Maybe I should have extracted the honey before I added it to the mixture???????????/
well i got:

hive tool:)
langstroth poly hive:hat:
"sweetness and light" bee book:)
"a world without bees" bee book:)
2 observation hives:)
cash for my course at blackhorse apiaries (must book that):)

many many nicotine replacement bits....may be a message there...:svengo:

but most important, 3 very happy little boys, and a cheerful wife. so all i could hope for:cheers2:

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