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Dec 8, 2008
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i have collected LOADS of bits from skips, including a nice quantity of WBC ply 18mm and chipboard.
I have seen chipboard used to make dividers, but could i use it to double wall a hive leaving the WBC on the exterior or is it made using nasties, formaldehyde etc? and would that pose a problem?
You can find loads in skips - we are a wasteful race.

Hubby found a Dove Cote in a skip a few months ago - its amazing what people throw out.
Skip Diving is one of my top hobbies:hat: I can not walk past a skip without at least looking in it.

The Health and Safety Executive have given formaldehyde a Maximum Exposure Limit of 2 parts
per million. Most European manufacturers now produce low formaldehyde board made to the
stringent German "E1" standard of 0.1 parts per million. However it is still easy to buy
imported MDF which has been produced in plants where they have not made the investment to
produce low formaldehyde board. Some suppliers don't even know if their boards are low
formaldehyde or not. Low formaldehyde board is easily available though. For instance
from Travis Perkins, who have hundreds of branches nationwide. Their standard MDF board
is low formaldehyde, produced in Scotland by Caberboard, who have been producing low
formaldehyde board for 8 years. If you want to be ultra cautious, zero formaldehyde
emission boards are available. Medite make a "ZF"zero formaldehyde board. The boards are
about 50% more expensive than standard board and it is less widely available.

Timber may be sprayed with a pesticide when it is logged to prevent mould growth, or at any point on its journey from the forest to the workplace or home. Some boards may contain wood treated with pesticides bit it will be difficult to check this.
i avoid mdf like the plague, saw a chippy made get constant nosebleeds after using it. the one thing ill leave in a skip;)
I agree Artibation,mdf Is one thing I never use in the workshop,very nasty stuff to breath in.
German "E1" standard is ref to WBC and chipboard as well not just MDF. I just used that as the example.

I know what you mean about the nose bleeds and MDF, but it is more likley down to the fine dust than any chemicals.
may well be jim, but i now wear a mask;) whether its mdf or not
stop talkling hse, you all should be wearing masks cutting wood.
back to the skip diving i want a piece of glass for my bee shed walking to the allotment last to put me ducks away found two sets of doulbe glazing on complete the other one had the glass broken on one side but the other is good, they are the right width but just needs 100mm cutting off the length. if you dont know that because its old glass is going to be a night mare to do but i can have three atemps at it

and as for skips i have skip constipation, i cant pass a skip with out looking init the wife calls me a womble and it my nick name from the family
Thats funny Pete.
You know you have problems when the kids start to give you a nickname.

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