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Jun 25, 2009
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Now thats got your attention:

I have finally caught one in the act!!!!

I have an exceptionally vigorous colony that has eggs and brood coming out of all corners, they are a double brood but typical woman, not content with what she has (Tin hat firmly on:hurray:) had some how been getting into the supers, last time i thought she must has been on the excluder and simply transfered up into the supers by accident.

However today i look and 2 brood boxes plus 1 super are ramed full of eggs and there she was! Skinny as you like and one of the longest queens i've seen.

I picked her up and put her on the punched queen excluder and she went straight through, so tried a plastic and wire excluder in seperate experiments and with both she walked through as if they weren't there!

Not really alot i can do with her really as she is so prolific but i'll just have to be careful where she is when i take the honey off!

Below are 2 pics of her appologies for the quality they were on my phone camera:


I see she is not marked or clipped, you could do what Finman does by putting on 3 broods and then supers, no QX at all he says you don't need it. Refer to Finman if you need more info, I think there is a thread on here somewhere about it.

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She isnt slimming down ready to swarm is she?
She could be Steve,but a slimmed down queen still has the same size thorax so would not be able to get through a queen excluder.
Absolutely no excuse for the eggs not being placed in the bottoms of the cells!!

Regards, RAB
Very interesting CrazyBull.
I had a similar experience recently with eggs being laid both sides of the QE and the thoughts of the experienced members was that I might have two queens or it could be a dodgy QE. I have disproved the first option so have just bought a new QE.
I will have to catch my Q and try the same experiment.
Great Pics

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