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Gilberdyke John

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May 5, 2013
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HU15 East Yorkshire
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Recalling my new beekeeping friend and her baptism of fire with multiple swarms. Even after all the swarming with consequent reduction of honey crop yield, up to Sunday her bees had filled two supers. Not all capped but solidly retaining honey with enthusiastic shake testing. Yesterday evening she brought the supers and a settling bucket to me for an extraction demo.
I demonstrated the use of grandma's breadsaw to remove cappings over a collection container and loading my 6 frame Lyson tangential extractor. Half clearing one side of the comb, turning the frame round to clear the other side then turning back to complete emptying the comb. She then took over and extracted the rest of the frames. The extractor was drained into buckets through my 2 stage filter and she went home with 2 buckets of honey to settle (and see if it sets), a large bowl of cappings to drain and 2 supers of extracted frames to place above her crown boards for the bees to clean out any potentially osr residues.
If (as I expect it will) the buckets of honey set there'll be a softening procedure demo/lesson to follow. She has plans to use the cappings to make polishes and/or candles. I'm thinking she's been bitten by the beekeeping bug.😎👌

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