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Aug 17, 2019
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My winter wax jacket I use for work needs rewaxing. Has anyone rewaxed a jacket themselves or do they send them away to be serviced? Any recommendations?
I've rewaxed them myself in the past, helps if the jacket is kept in the airing cupboard for a few days before - and play a hairdryer over the newly waxed coat.
Barbour do a superb repair and rewax service and it will last much longer than a home made jobbie - and look better
If it's not a Barbour it's not worth wasting time, money and effort on
I was director of a company that refurbished wax jsckets in the 1990s. It is possible to do it yourself...batbour do it but they are expensive...the professionals clean the jacket before reproofing and will carry out any repairs needed. The company i worked for are no longer in existence but there are a few others around...a tin of wax is about £8 but it's a messy and tiny consuming job .. lots of elbow grease required. It depends on whether you have a good jacket .. if its a cheap one do it yourself...if its a decent brand find a professional but it's going to be around £50 - £60. Have a look at they are very up front and were one of our competitors.
It’s not a Barbour, but is a good quality make. I’ll have a look at the company suggested. Thank you.
I made myself a pair of waxed cotton trousers. I used my own mix of soy and beeswax. It was simple enough to paint on hot then finish in the oven but with those I wasn't worried about a lining like with a jacket.
I regularly rewax my jackets, takes one tin of wax and about 1/2 an hour. Never bothered cleaning my very dirty farm barbour and it comes up as good as new (apart from all the rips and holes which are important for authenticity obvs.)

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