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Dec 30, 2009
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Hi All
I have had two diffrent opinions with introducing the queen with package bees one says remove the plasic straight away from the end of the cage so the bees can chew through the candy the other one says leave 24 hours then remove,
What do you think

Hi Grub

Go with the extra 24 as provided the queen can be fed/in contact with the rest of the bees the extra time will not hurt in the slightest.

In fact if the queen has travelled to the package producer then out to the buyer she may well have been out of lay for some time, she will need all that time and more to get back into laying condition.

Regards Ian
Queen release heads up.

I agree with Ian here.

However you also have to consider that the queen has been in with the bees in the package for how long?

When I bought mine last year they were in with the queen for five days so I opened the queen cage for them to let her out as soon as.

Be aware that the bees can release a queen a LOT faster than most think, a lot sooner than 24 hours, more like 2.

Grub where did you get your package bees from?