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May 9, 2009
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I hived my first package of bees at the weekend and it all went like clockwork. I checked that the queen was out of her cage today and she was, but she was at the bottom of the frame - not on the foundation, but on the wooden bit, with lots of bees on and around her. I very carefully put the frame back in - I was frightened of injuring her. I also took the frames either side of her out very gingerly. There is already honey being laid down and evidence of pollen in some cells.
Am I right to leave them to get on with it, or should I be doing something to get her onto the foundation?
The sugar syrup is almost gone, so that's due replenishing and the bees are very docile - I barely used my smoker today. If the hive is as calm again, I don't think I'll bother too much, just have it lit as a stand by.
Does anyone have any advice?
Sounds like they were balling her.you should leave them several days before looking.
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Just leave them alone please. They really don't need to be disturbed at this time when they are getting going. If you haven't given them more syrup then they will have to do without for a week.

I doubt they were balling as they are well enough used to the Queen being there but they really do need some time to get organised and to get going.

RESIST the temptation to JUST..... xyz.

Well lets hope they were not,but hiving them and then looking in one or two days later is a recipe for balling,especially as she would of only just been realeased from the cage,and is most likely not there Queen,8/10 days at least,and then just a quick look to see if there are eggs,larvae,then quietly close up. patience is needed.
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Once the package bees and queen has been hived PLEASE KEEP OUT the only thing you should do is to slide the c/board over and top up the syrup (that’s if you use a frame feeder)
Messing about in the hive pulling frames about is just looking for a disaster to happen
All the best mike
I was looking to reduce anxiety Hivemaker and so reduce the temptation to "Just peep"

And yes precisely Mike.

Do gardeners pull up their carrots to see how things are?

I was looking to reduce anxiety Hivemaker and so reduce the temptation to "Just peep"

And yes precisely Mike.

Do gardeners pull up their carrots to see how things are?


Its funny how many new gardeners do just that Poly, then wonder why the carrot dies off when they stuff it back in the ground :confused: As with most thing mother nature knows best
Hi Folks,
Thanks for the advice. I looked in at the queen on the monday, because a local beekeeper advised me to check, 2-3 days after hiving, that she was out of the cage and if not, to release her.
Anyway, as you know, she was. Poly, I followed your advice to the letter, just topping up the sugar syrup and no more. Well, today, I've seen at least a dozen bees going into the hive full of pollen - in about 5 minutes. So, I presume from that, that she must be laying down brood as the workers are collecting pollen to feed them -Yes?? Away the lads!!
Thanks for your help,
You mean Lasses.

I would also disregard the advice you were given by the local Beekeeper, and as for advising you to release her after three days, well that could be suicidal.

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