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Sep 7, 2015
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East Yorkshire
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New nuc 4 weeks old and Q laying well. Last inspected Sunday, 2/3 days ago all well saw clipped Q & No QC’s.
Today found clump of bees outside the hive with the Q. Put back in hive and looked like they were balling the Q. Put Her in a small yellow Q cage and placed between two brood frames.
Any suggestions why Q would want to leave the hive (def No QC’s) and what would others have done & how long to leave her in the cage.
If she had left Monday or Tuesday the hive would have been -Q for the one or two days if that makes a difference to re-accepting her?
Are you certain she's from the hive you put her in? Was your Q already in there and you've added another?
Fully Inspected Sunday evening and yes it is the same marked queen. It was a purchased nuc with Q which I’m helping a beginner with. No QC’s.
We saw the Q Sunday.
Am still puzzled why the Q would leave with a lot of bees (not all)
The hive next to this one is a demaree which had a sealed QC. Thinking of scenarios why the Q left maybe the virgin Q from the hive adjoining returning from a mating flight entered the wrong hive and forced the existing Q out of the hive.
Anyone experienced this, does it seem plausible?
Way to find out I suppose is to search for an unmarked Q.

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