Patrick Murfet moving on...................

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Patrick is still listed as sole director
Bee Equipment only changed hands on 19th December, Patrick has resigned as director of Bee Equipment Ltd and S Hagen has replaced him ... it would be very remiss of the new owners of Bee Equipment not to have put in place a non-compete clause into the transfer of ownership or restrictive covenants to prevent a former owner setting up in competition. Whether Value in Beekeeping is retained by Patrick or has been transferred or wound up may become clear as time passes.
Just had an advert on Facebook from 2 days ago saying the British Beekeeping Show is cancelled for 2024 "following the change in ownership of Bee Equipment" "will remain in the capable hands of Patrick".

Final death throws I guess. Can't see it ever coming back, not with how good, popular and well represented by traders the the Telfoed Show is.
I see from Companies House that Patrick is back as sole director.