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Mar 1, 2009
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N. Ireland
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A question arose in a conversation regarding OSR. What way and how long and how do you produce OSR honey. What special guidelines do you need to adhere to when harvest this crop.


Busy Bee
I understand you only make the mistake once of leaving the honey in the comb for to long..
Extract as soon as you can and go by moisture level and not capping.

Warm it up to filter it.

Let it set. (concrete stage)

Warm it to liquid state, (NO crystals left) and add a small crystal to it. By small crystal I mean a fine crystal soft set honey. If you don't have any then you need to source some. On another site I caused furore by suggesting you might buy it in and mentioned as good examples Canadian and NZ honeys. Dear me the reaction of adulterating honey with foreign produce. Like one pound to a ton? Anyway use your better judgement.

Mix well.(a honey pump is a serious asset here)

Allow to set again. Then warm gently to pouring point and.......


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Is it possible to use it on a new colony instead of feeding them. It is from a disease free hive.
I cannot be bothered to battle to extract it - only one super- I didn't notice it was rape honey:ack2:

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