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Jan 18, 2021
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I've just noticed the section referred to above which appears to be available only to "Beekeeping Supporters " I hope it's the appropriate place for a question I have posed about a beekeeping supplier who may or may not be a bit "dodgy".

Access to a private forum may be a very minor benefit of being a paid-up member and TBH, there isn't much else usefully gained by paying to use the forum. But the cost is negligible and in the true spirit of the season, maybe a few more people who can afford to might want to help support forum costs. The amount of information, entertainment and the joys of minor skirmish to be gained here is easily worth £1.50 a month.

That is my cue to thank all of the wise/grumpy/witty/confrontational/knowledgeable (delete as appropriate) beekeepers and forum staff who have peppered my days with things to think about and more frequently, to laugh at. Have a very happy Christmas.
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