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Observation Hive

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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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Im still searching for an observation hive, does anyone have a good quality spare they may want to sell.
Just dont wish to pay Thornes prices.

How easy are they to adapt to one which allows the bees to come and go ?
Did you see that Thornes are perspex selling panel that can be used to replace one or more sides of a National? They have a door on so that the bees aren't in the light. They had them for supers and broods. I think they were less that ?35???
Ooh, no i didnt see that, is it on their website.

That would be great, you can watch the entrance and then see what goes on inside, i dont think i would go back into the house !!.
Do the bees ignore the fact that there is daylight where there shouldn't be - is their behaviour different.
I have one observation super -, but haven't used it yet - but am booked to give a couple of talks to gardening groups - if this super was on a hive it would give a better insight. All non beekeepers - it may encourage a newbie :drool5:
The Thornes perspex sides are covered with wood, which you remove to observe. If you leave clear perspex all the time it affects bee behaviour. You need to keep hive closed up (dark) most of the time
Did you have a look sweetums any good for you.