Night Shift?

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Jul 25, 2009
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sadly, no more!
I should be grateful to know from the experts whether, in the case of weather such as last night's (dry, overnight low about 16) the bees will have worked on through the night. Only mild curiosity really, and the greedy hope that perhaps there will have been double the amount of nectar going in!
Err, do you mean flying for forage at night? Err, no they don't!

Do the bees work on through the night? Err, yes. They would be making more space for the next day of nectar collection, if it were required.

But the dry spell may mean less nectar!
And they dont have torches... try opening a hive at night! On the other hand DON'T.
But if I can see in the dark?...

Guess I'll make up the syrup this year using carrot juice rather than water!
There is a documented case of bees collecting nectar at night, in Nicaragua I think, where they were navigating by the sunlight reflected from the moon (or so the authors claimed)
I cant remember where it was written- possibly in the hive and the honey bee ?

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