nice link to different bee hive types

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A very good read for the new-to-be beeks. They should all read it carefully, if not already decided on the format they wish to adopt

Quite good from factual side but a few glitches.

Dartington brood and super sizes, comparing WBC to Dartington, different super sizes for Langstroths were some that were a little 'off'.

Oh, and converting Imperial values (to the nearest pound) to metric ones to the nearest 10 grams. That means values already rounded to the nearest approx 0.5kg are then quoted to 0.01kg!!

IMO you have made a good choice, BTW. Unless you might want to change to polyhives later.....Also, keep your options open for the bee space, if you can. Once tried, top space is so much easier (and a little cheaper?) and I doubt that many who have changed to that detail would even consider a change back to bottom space. I certainly would not.

Regards, RAB
sorry about the bad link..... i found this so cant claim any credit for making it!
just thought it was useful info for new beeks like myself
Thanks Norm - a useful comparison page