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Jan 6, 2009
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After the loss of my hive during the New Year, I have been lurking in a dark forgotten corner of the forum! I am finally back as a Beekeeper.

The hive was installed in it's postion at 2330 so I hope they dont wake up grumpy when I remove the foam blocking the enterance.

As seems to be the way with Beekeepers I was generously offered a split of a hive of Scottish Black Bees after approaching the Dingwall District Beekeepers. This was completed today after a good going through with an association Beekeeper who hosts 30+ hives. The bees are definatly smaller than the Cornolians that I had previously and were indeed more fiesty. However this will change as the queen that was added last week is a Buckfast Cecropia Cross (from Greece), who is already showing signs of plentyful laying. It will be interesting to see the change in the hive personallity over the net month.

Has anyone had any experience with this breed, and what I should be aware off, i.e. swarm tendancy like the Cornolian.

My time without Bees was not lost, as I have become far greater aware of the world around me especially what is in Pollen at the moment, shame the Bees missed the Sycamore as this was devoured by the Bumble Bees that are prolific here. My propogator is overflowing with Bee friendly plants as are the new large beds of wild flower, Borage and Bergamot.

I have enjoyed reading everyones posts and will not be afraid to ask myself, If I can say I also continue to enjoy Finmans contributions especially his humour. Also a special thanks to Gavin who has assited me in the background.

Its late must go to bed.