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May 8, 2009
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Southampton Hampshire
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I have just got my first hive complete with a colony of really freindly bees.
I brought them home last week and the chap i got them from showed me one super was almost full and told me to add another when i got one, anyway i checked the frames in this super today and its almost empty.
A beekeeping freind says this may be because they have been moved (3 hours in a van) coupled with me using too much smoke, and cold mornings causing the bees to stay at home.
I have noticed that there are a lot of bees on the front of the hive during the afternoon and the entrance seems very congested as its quite small.
My mate has said LEAVE THEM ALONE until he can come over next week.
Should i open up the entrance?
Im already addicted, i spend hours just watching them
Welcome to the wonderfull world of beekeeping. It wont be long before you are up to half a dozen hives wondering where you can place the next one :cheers2:.

How big is the opening in the hive?
No 4 inches is enough (there is a joke in there somewhere).
Lots of people used to take the entrance reducer out before open mesh floors but there isnt really a need to open it any wider.
You will probably get lots of others now saying it should be xxx inches, but the bees will get in and out ok.
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Super may have been full of nectar if there was a flow in your area - nectar takes up three times the space of ripened honey
nectar takes up three times the space of ripened honey

How do you work that out?


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