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Equipment For Sale Multiple beekeeping items for sale

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Dec 13, 2019
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I'm selling some equipment on behalf of someone else and the items are listed below. For more information and prices please email me at [email protected] - All are from Abelo apart from a few items. All have been used but are in great condition.

24 Radial – 6 Self-turning Extractor - Sold
Bottling Machine with Stand - Sold
Stainless Steel 90 Degree Bend with Connecting Clamps - Sold
Mini wax melter, round – dedicated for candle making - Sold
MelliFlow Pro Premium Line
Honey Warming Cabinet 180cm (71 inches) - Sold
Supers Heater Trolley - Sold
TC5/4 Ball Valve - Sold
Stainless Steel Uncapping Tray With Honey Valve
Heated uncapping knife (Thornes)
National Hive with Flat Roof – CEDAR Second quality - x5 - Assembled W/ 2 supers
National Super Cedar 2nd - x12 - Assembled with frames
National Poly Pollen Trap - Sold
Pump for Royal Jelly 230V - Sold
Various queen rearing items - Sold

Any questions let me know!
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