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Mar 27, 2009
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Jersey C.I.
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I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service I recieved from Modern Beekeeping, I ordered two poly Nucs Wednesday evening and they arrived at my doorstep Friday lunchtime, thats less than 42 hours! And remember, I live in Jersey, I normally have to wait a week or two.

The Nucs are spot on.

Will definately use them again.

I`ve had a few orders from Modern Beekeeping and they are very good. I`ve got a jumbo Langstroth nuc on order at the moment so I`m looking forwarrd to having a play with that.
Enzo wrote:The Nucs are spot on........Will definately use them again

Sincerely hope you do!

Seriously now, I have recently received two jumbos nucs. A weekend got in the way of ultra rapid delivery, but the sercice was spot on.

What are you intending? Changing(?) to Langstroth or converting these nucs to National?

I have added just less than 250g as styro-foam sheet to reduce one of them. I used my the hand-held elctric planer to remove about 5mm from both pieces which were then easily cut (easier(?) than expanded polystyrene) for the frame runners (which I have secured by screws, deep into the stryofoam). I have not yet covered it all in fablon, but it's looking good to go, after that. The sheets are fitted to reach the bottom of the floor.

The next one will be all machined apart, maybe, from the entrance cut-out. I was going to try some jumbo Lanstroth frames but have decided against, at this present moment.

I might be looking at the jumbo brood bodies later, to see how they might do with 14 x 12s.

Maybe should have PM'd you, but on here it demonstrates to others how easy it is to convert the nuc to National frames on a permanent basis rather than as a 'change-over' for National nucs into Langstroth broods. Might even give Darren some inspiration if he's not yet decided how to convert.

Regards, RAB
I thought i would get one and have a play. You can think about it all day but you can beat having one in front of you with a tape measure.

I was going to sleeve them with some cedar that i have hanging around but i`ll have a look when it arrives. I`ve got a couple of the park beekeeping 14x12 poly nucs but with the castelated top they are becoming a pain to use now there`s propolis gumming them down although there has been no chewing of the poly.

If they work out allright they`ll be a bargain for £30 and with 6 frames of 14x12 a cheap way to A/S.
Hi RAB, My intention also is to convert these Nucs to National size, probably with some poly then wood facing the bees and for the runner, I have a few swienty poly nationals and they have no runners, the frame lugs just sit on the rebate, a little slow to use when the hive is really full of bees if you don't want to squash any.

I think the concept of these Nucs is great, 6 frames, a decent size Nuc or 2 x 3 frames for mating and splits if you find a few queen cells all for about £30.

If some one would make pop in converters to covert these from langstroth to National and market them in the UK I believe these Nucs would really take off, so to speak, as not everyone is able or wants to make hive parts.

I am looking for a conversion kit so if anyone does a prototype which looks promising post us a picture on the forum so others can comment. The entrance at each end suggests that the conversion done with some ply sheets on the older Canadian poly nucs may not be quite so applicable. It would be neater if the conversion was symmetrical and ideally retained the dividing board, even if it had to be cut down.

I don't need, or want, the dividing board. Never too keen on 3 frames except in really warm weather - almost gives me visions of of an observation hive format. I might change, but......Good job we are not all alike.

I think the bees would rather have a symetrical (spherical) nest even in a polynuc, so that is what I give them at least as starters.

6 frames is a good size for a bit of brood expansion, ready for a full 14 x 12 box. I always prefer to be generous (with bees) in nucs - they build up so much more quickly.

That blocked off entry will not be a problem as I could always remove the infill and cut an opening and cover if required, but the styrofoam type insulation boards i have used may not be robust enough if things get too propolised in that configuration. May need some inserts to do the job better.

However, these nucs look to be very adaptable, and apart from being ~100mm longer (than necessary) for a 14 x 12 nuc, I am more than well pleased. They just looked big when I first put them together! But are much lighter than my wooden ones when the coverboard and roof are added.

I am now thinking of ways to feed over winter, if required.

Regards, RAB
:iagree: With Enzo

First class service, have placed 4 orders this year with M.B, 3 of which we received within 24 hours.

I also like the way they keep you up to date with the progress of your order by email.

Great customer service. :hurray:

John D
I've had good service from Modern beekeeping too - bought some of their Observation Smocks for my father and i to use when visiting Apiaries to make sure that I did want to keep bees.

In terms of adapting the Nucs - would it be possible to use the Kieler mini nuc as an inspiation for the adaption to Nat format? AFAIK the Kieler has a feed compartment at one end; the extra 100mm in the Poly Nuc could thus be used for a feed compartment - just insert a 'drawer' or division wall that is substantial enough to support the frames.
I've done it with 2 inserts to keep it symmetrical.

Balanced weight when full of stores and bees, and as yet, not quite sure about the small roof space over the inserts - if that were in need of filling, the roof can still be fitted either way round and without checking or marking it specially (both of which could be missed and the roof replaced 'wrong way' round).

Regards, RAB

Regards, RAB

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