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We had a "nosema night" at one of our meetings last year.
The guy who did the talk recommended these as good value but not perfect.

I know of another association where they felt a much more expensive one was justified after trying this.

I suppose you get what you pay for.

For the individual beek (or perhaps 2 or 3 sharing) it is attractive.
Somerford they are there on the 17th
We have one. Quite good value. I also have an optical microscope. Considerable difference in quality but having the picture on the screen is good.

Regards, RAB
Can you not look down the eyepiece? or is it a view on screen only?
According to the description Veg you get "Barlow 2x zoom lens and 5x and 16x wide-angle eyepieces" so you must be able to use it as an optical mic as well as a pc mic. Hope this helps
Cheers Thanks for the replies looks like I may get one. As said they are good at taking items back with no questions asked :cheers2:
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