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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Came up with the landshare scheme I put an ad on there asking for a small piece of land to keep bees on and possibly grow a bit of veg. Yesterday I got a reply from someone with a small holding and is happy to let me keep bees there. So I will be getting in touch to see what its like.

Link here

Basically it allows people who have land to let others grow stuff.

I have a listing up there.... offering space for growing.

Our own bees (once we get started) will not be near the lottie area we are offering.
Well I have had a reply and they have an orchard which has a swarm in it at the moment. Hope it stays there till tomorrow as I will then have a chance of catching it!
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Well well what a day.
Went over to the land owners house after work to find the swarm had gone about an hour before I got there. A bit gutted I said well I will leave a hive set up just incase. Went home just about to open a can of cider to drown me sorrows and the phone rings the lady said you had better come back they have just come back and have landed in a tree about 6 feet off the ground. Drove all the way back with a cardboard box and a step ladder. Took my old man with me (70 years old) to give me a hand. It couldnt have gone better text book stuff bent the branch over gave it a whack into the box they went. Put the box on the floor with a board over the top with a little gap. The swarm was the size of a rugby ball. I then moved them into the hive I had set up earlier. By this time the light was starting to go. I just hope that they now stay in the hive.
I am now having my can of cider :cheers2:

Pictures to follow
And the lady wants me to move all my hives there yee haa
Grats Veg and jammy bugger on the swarm
Wow! Brillant!

(From a secretly envious would be bee keeper....)
Nice, this was mine:


More a sample than a swarm ;)
I will hopefully have a link soon on you tube to a video the land owner took. These bees filled about half an A4 paper box.
They are still in the hive to so I will have to put a feed on them sunday if its dry.
Hi Veg, thanks for the original post on this. I have registered and had a number of inquires, the latest from some one in Hemel Hempstead if any one is near and would like to take it up?


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