Instant vap, used for first time

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Why don't they build loads of comb in the eke or do you put it on and remove it immediately for the vape
If you make some crown boards with normal batten 1 side and something like 18mm the other you simply reverse as needed.
I use landing boards to prevent bees falling into the grass on foraging return so for vaping oxalic I have a hole drilled into the back of the floor which takes the copper pipe and the pop a dowel in the hole when finished. No eke - they are for later when the fondant goes on. I have this horrible feeling that I may be producing really healthy bees to feed the hornets when they arrive!!
I use homemade underfloor entranced from this forum, drilled a whole in the back and vape through that, nothing fancy but does the job.
Might just vape through the OMF itself in future...