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Oct 6, 2019
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Stroud, Gloucestershire
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Hello all!

Firstly. Apologies if this is in the wrong section - I’m a newbee in many senses of the word!!

I’m trying to get my hands on an extractor, I’d rather hire a decent one than buy a cheep one that’ll take ages and likely break within minutes.

Any suggestions? Or should I just buy an average one and get on with it?

I’ve only got one hive (so far!) 2 supers on, already got plenty of honey to take out.

And yes I’ve tried to join my local BKA (Stroud) but literally heard nothing from them despite a number of emails to versions committee members!!

Are there any other associations nearby? If not maybe try a phone call?

Various extractors from various suppliers. I'd plan for bigger capacity than you think especially if you may get more hives. Electric saves effort and time although hand powered ones can be retrofitted with motors. Shame that auction season is over but you may be able to find something on ebay or Facebook marketplace too. Hopefully testing out my Maisemore budget electric extractor tomorrow, which if it performs well will be exceptional value.
1 Join your local BKA division,
2 Many of them have extractors for hire, some electric, some manual some both. But they can be in high demand but the charge is normally minimal circa £10
A few thoughts. Are there any local craft type places where typically a range of old farm buildings has been turned into mini shops? There may be someone either selling honey or, even better, offering an extractor for hire. They might be a source of advice at the least. Second, sad to say, not all BKA associations are friendly. For years I didn't join any because a good pal who attracted me into keeping bees had a poor experience. When I joined a different association they have proved exactly as they describe themselves "the friendly beekeepers association", and I note that others on the Improvers Course that I have enjoyed come from even further than me - and I do a round trip of over 80 miles to the association apiary. It may be that there is a policy of not accepting new members after a cut off date, as happened to me, but a good association will surely want to encourage prospective members. Third, if there are local agricultural, horticultural, or community "shows" it may be that local beekeepers have a stand, and face to face local advice can be gained.
I got my extractor at a very fair price, on eBay from a retiring beekeeper. Yes I had to travel to get it. It has proved an excellent machine, and unlike some other second-hand kit, can be sterilised and you should not be exposing your own bees to the danger of importing nasties.

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