help I,ve got a colony under ground!!!

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Jan 1, 2010
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Nottinghamshire uk
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I have one hive + colony and seem to be doing quite well, bought them on the 1st April, nuke on 5 frames with a queen marked green, clipped wings.
This pm I have discovered another colony nesting in the ground about 10 foot from the front door. These bees are different as they are predominantly black.
I don't believe mine have swarmed and they are not bumble bees.
*How can I tempt them out, has anyone just lost a colony? They are foraging and returning to the hive with pollen. I fear as their numbers swell, because of the location, they will become an issue.
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
It would be very unusual for honey bees to set up under ground.
Yep, I agree but if not what could they bee identical all but for the colour to my colony
Dont suppose you have a picture of them?
No they are all tucked in for the night but I can take a photo in the mornning
OK can I assume they are honey bees. How can I tempt them out? I have travelling box put next to the hive with a little bit of lure added, any ideas
They must be in some sort of cavity - is there a drain cover or something under the surface?
Can you open the manhole? They may have attached comb to the underside of the lid.
You will have to get access to them by lifting the cover only bare in mind the comb may be attached to it.
Morning all. have two photos' to view. A bee and the hole tried to upload the pictures but recieved security error I can email poss to admin first?
I am not 100% sure from the photo that they are honey bees.
Looks like a bombus to me...hard to tell but dark and very hairy...mind you could be one of my neighbours!!!!
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