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Dec 14, 2008
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Hi All

Possibly a long shot, but I am asking around.

I have been given 2 Godiva portable fire pumps powered by the newer Nissan engine.

They are in generally good condition, but I suspect the head gasket is gone (lots white smoke, emulsion in oil cap)

Hence why I was given them from work (they know I like tinkering with engines and things)

I suspect the cause of the head /gasket going is quite obviously no water in the coolant tank as when I topped it up it was like a garden sprinkler all along the joint.

Luckily I also have access to about 2 others to rob parts from, so I am hoping from these 2 running (although heads gone) + 2 in bits, that can at least make one good one or possibly 2.

So finally my question is does anyone know anything about them?

Does anyone have any user manuals for them (pump or engine)

Or anyone good a slightest bit of knowledge of them?

Thanks veg but them instructions are not for the nissan engine.

Thanks for the google tip...I did not think about using Google or any other search engine!:toetap05::svengo::beatdeadhorse5::beatdeadhorse5::beatdeadhorse5:
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