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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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I did not want to spoil Planbee's thread under questions regarding this subject, so have posted on here.

Attached are some pics of the hive in the garden, its now been there almost7 days, and all looks good.
As you can see its a long narrow garden, neighbour either side and i am terraced, there is a fair bit of height around the hive to push them up, i am going to buy a planter with trellis to go in front and to the right so we can sit up there and guide them up and over a bit more.

This hive was from a split and a Queen has been introduced. Just thought some would like to see in order to get ideas for their own gardens.
Nice pics, I wasn't sure if my garden was big enough but now i see yours i guess i could have a hive or 2 in mine np. :)
I have one hive in my garden that are evil at the moment I can normally stand near them and watch with no problem. But as they have been queenless they are a bit grouchy. Just posting this as people need to be aware that your colony of bees can become a bit people unfriendly.
A good water source is always important in garden hives (well any hvies for that materr)

But to save your bees from using peoples, ponds, pools, drinks etc give them a shallow trough with some bebbles in or similar for them to drink from.
Very valid comments Jim and Veg

The only reason i have opted to try this hive is because i bought in a NZ Queen, she has only been in there a short while, not long enough for her offspring to emerge yet, the bees currently in there are not great, in fact i got stung on the head today moving some bags of compost right by them, overactive guard bees.

It is on a month trial, but i would like to give the kiwis a chance to prove themselves.

I hope it can stay, but any funny business and its back to the out apiary.

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