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From Rainham, Medway (North Kent) UK
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Nov 9, 2018
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Rainham, Medway (North Kent) UK
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Has anyone tried this, which my wife suggests would be better called assisted supersedure? It involves placing a protected queen cell in a hive and hoping that it will be accepted and lead to supersedure of the existing queen.


I had no success last year. This year I have more queen cells than I can provide mini-mating-nucs for so I plan to try again. I Imagine the success rate would be higher in the summer when supersedure was more likely to occur naturally. If it works, it could be a painless way of requeening a defensive colony.

And if it doesn't, nothing is lost, and other methods can still be used.
I find more supersedures happen towards the end of the season
I find the end of the season here is sometimes in summer. Certainly this is not H. balsam territory, and there's much less ivy than I would like.

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