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Just substitute the sugar making an adjustment for water in the honey by using less in the first process.
Great, many thanks Dani. I was intending to do the honey substitute. I shall go picking on the dog walk tomorrow morning
Use the pink flowers from black elderflower and you get a lovely pink coloured cordial.
We freeze them in small batches. That way you don't get bored of it and just take a small pot out if the freezer when you are in the mood. This is the black elder. Looks better in a glass with ice and water!
We have 4 litres of cordial made recently.
Fizzy water and mint and everythings ok with the world.
I mean it isn't but this drink makes you think it is !
I make this and when warm add a tiny amount of white wine yeast and leave it for a couple of days, it doesn't make it alcoholic but gives it a slight sparkle, same as making homemade lemonade
Just leave some flowers behind so the berries form to make into wine in the autumn.

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