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Apr 16, 2009
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uk, Abingdon
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has anyone got any experience growing fish ( trout, eels,.. ) in closed circulation system? I have here old pig unit with six slurry pits with dimensions 25 m length, 1.6m depth and 1,6 m width. will be filled in this coming summer. I personally think they would make perfect fishery but have not much experience. There is no river or stream close by, all the water would come from mains. so far i have looked up the pond liner and pond filter for 70 000 l. Any ideas welcome.:hat:

Just come across this post,

You could look into the crayfish business - no feeding required as such, just setting up the 'tanks' for purging them before selling on into the food trade.

I trap crayfish and also sell traps /crayfish and the crayfish I sell go to people with the facilities -such as this - to size, clean, purge and sell on - it is a reasonably profitable business for the people with the tanks and, with the right set up the crayfish self size enabling you to then grade and sell on.

Supplies of crayfish come from people like myself who trap them throughout the year and sell in by the kilo (or 100kg), these need marketing by yourself into the retail /food sector - just as you would do with eel, trout etc.

The people I sell to don't live in 'small houses' - they make a good living from it.


Just a suggestion without going into it in greater detail in this post.
I guess these are not native crayfish but the Signal Crayfish from the US? I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of a living but if there was ever a creature which should have stayed on the other side of the pond it was this one. A bit like Mink. We beekeepers get excited about imported bees but these animals are in a different league.

If they are native crayfish well done, although to the best of my knowledge there is only one person doing this in the UK and they are for conservation and will be released, not eaten for food. The only problem with releasing them is the rivers are full of Signal Crayfish and their dreaded plague.
What about a fishery as in coarse fishing?


For fishing purposes, perhaps the size is too prohibitive - 25 x 1.6 x 1.6 mtrs.

Another option - related to fishing could be to set up a wormery and utilise the pit as worm beds (appropriate drainage required).

Rooftops - Yes I was referring to ASC - American Signal Crayfish or 'Red clawed ' crayfish as they are also called.

I am sure there must be loads of uses that the forum members could come up with.............

Same here,love those signal crayfish,born survivors.