Feeding with Apiguard?

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Sep 15, 2021
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Supers off.
Apiguard on, 4 weeks to go til finished.
Not much of a flow on in South Suffolk. But it’s nice and warm, and it’s time for a change from Amitraz.
Some colonies not the best stores in brood frames (except 1 DB that has 12 frames full), so feel need to feed; conflicting advice about being able to feed with Apiguard. All National 5 colonies on DB, 2 on SB (late swarm management). Vertical splits when swarm preps made, started in April with 4 colonies, so have at least had more honey than my 17Lb last year. Have united a couple and shaken out one DLW.
So - for now - leave, fondant, invert, or share the 12 frames of stores around? (Surely a colony surviving is better than one with no varroa but nearly starved….) Or just put 1 frame of store from the storage colony, in the light colonies, monitor, and feed when Apiguard off (Which I will do). Will vape in December.
Im not sure what the issue is with feeding during Apiguard treatment. Apiguard is thymol gel and beeks put thymol in syrup to stop it going mouldy when giving winter feed.
Sure, don't treat whilst supers with honey for human consumption are in situ. But I dont see why you cant feed with Apiguard trays in place - the bees wont stop collecting nectar (if there is any).
If you think they need it then feed them.
The reason feeding is not recommended normally is that the Apiguard works best when being carried around the hive as the bees clear it out of the Hive.
However with a feeder on the Bees are likely to ignore the Apiguard in favour of collecting and storing the sugar syrup thus reducing its efficiency
there is no need not to feed when apiguard is on - it used to be the mantra but I believe now that even in the manufacturer's blurb it says there is no issue with feeding whilst treating

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