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Essex/Cambs nucs for sale

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Jun 25, 2009
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Right oh boys and girls:) i have made it over to the other side:grouphug:

Just checking for interest in some nucs i have judging by the prices being banded around on here price guide would be £125 each (may do discount for multiple orders)

You bring a box, the nucs are mostly 6 frame national but some 5 frames, they will be the same price frames are either new this year or last years (a mix)

Breed is mongrel bees i have carnolian parentage from 2years ago that got introduced to my nasty black bees, the resulting bees are calm and productive. I can't stand evil bees and selective culling and re-queening means i tend to only have calm bees.

I will be checking over the weekend how many are ready to go, collection would be at weekends only.

So at the moment just checking for interest, if there isn't a great deal of interest i will simply box them into full sized boxes and put them into production. I would (and the other half would) prefer to get rid of a few as we will shortly be buying a renovation project so bees will have to take a step back.

Please pm me with any queries or offers


Hi Crazy Bull,welcome to the mad house.
You should get a few requests from the forum as we have a few members your way who are looking to startup around your area.
Let us know how the sales go.
If people are fairly local to my apiaries, i have no problem with them tagging along for a crash course in beekeeping (unfortunatly only available when i'm going to the bees so would be short notice crash courses:)) That way you can work out roughly if bees are for you.

Thanks for the enquiries guys and girls, this lot have all been sold, i will probably have some more available in the next few weeks if people are still looking.