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Mike a

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Feb 13, 2010
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I want to make a large rapid feeder which can be strapped upside down on the outside of the hive and have tubing going into the hive with some sort of shower head type attachment on the end of the tubing with very fine mesh.

I vaguely understand the principle of how rapid feeders work by forming a negative pressure within the container. I was thinking of using a 2.5L plastic bottle but I figure it may start to collapse in on itself then at some point as the liquid is taken and then the bottle would try to return to its natural shape and it would draw in air at which point the pressure in the bottle would be lost and any remaining sugar water may drain out or would the principle still work?

Or should I just stick with a container that will hold its shape like glass or metal.?
Sorry but this is not a good idea. Syrup will clog that in double quick time.

Look for Miller type feeder plans and 2.5l is not large. 40l is.


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