Devon hornet sighting urgent

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Yes of course. Believe me they are looking at everything, every option, new, old and tried and tested. There is a lot of sharing between France and UK.
There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes other than just a few bods gazing skyward looking for a nest.

Can you elaborate on the last sentence Peter , what exactly goes on behind the scenes.... ta
Are they here or not, have any been proven to be found dead, OR is it just scare mongering. ? , the reason i say this from all i have read nothing suggests any guaranteed statements that have been made.

If you read the paper fat shark has linked to there is an in depth analysis, including DNA, of the nest from adults to eggs
Thanks for that....
Good to get to the bottom of it all so far.
This bit's interesting
The genotypes of the male and female offspring from the Tetbury nest were used to manually infer the parental queen and drone genotypes, which were most consistent with the nest having been formed by a single queen and a single drone

Not multiple matings, then....I really must order Stephen Martins book on the Asian Hornet

yes ... looks like the nest was from a poorly mated Q (usually 2-4 males/female mating). Was she poorly mated here? Because there's a very low density of males available? Or in France and then came over in a caravan?

The paper also records other 'imports' of dead AH's. In wood, camping equipment etc.
Hello Ladies and gentlemen,

I have just come into this thread and it makes for very interesting reading.

Can I please direct you to the thread I have just posted entitled

Asian Hornet Devon 2017

in this same forum. It is intended to update news about what is happening in Devon following the WOOLACOMBE incident.

Please read it.