Colour of brood cappings

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Mar 19, 2009
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North Derbyshire
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Hi All,

I decided to take a few picks when I was doing my inspection at the weeked. I must say I have found it very usefull becuase I always seem to totally forget what the state of the hive was when I finish.

Last time I was in the hive I struggled to find the queen even though she is marked, so this time I took a couple of pics of her (never taken any pics of me hives b4 got carried away:D).

After looking at the pic I am slightly concerned about the cappings to the righthand side of HM. If you look to the right the cappings are very light, I think they are pretty old as it looks like you can see one emerging.

I have included a pic of a new frame that has been filled and capped over the last week, which looks nice a brown/light tan colour.

What do you peeps think?
Looks like capped honey to me. Next time you look scrape some of it with the edge of your hive tool.
Umm, I am pretty sure it is cappings.
Take a looky at this one, zoomed in. I think you can see one starting to emerge on the right.
It does look like an emerging bee. The colour of the cappings can vary slightly. It is difficult to see with lots of bees on there. If you want to move the bees out of the way to take a pic lightly blow on the spot you want them cleared from this will shift them. From wht I can see it looks ok the bees around there all look ok, but if you suspect anything get someone else to actually viw them in the flesh with you. Sorry to not be much help but some things are hard to diagnose from a picture. :cheers2:
Hi Veg,

Thanks for the reply. I will chuck the bees off and have a proper look next time I am in them. It's just something I noticed on the picture and being new I was not sure if they looked right of not. Like I said before the rest of the hive looks ok.

PS. Thanks for the "lightly blow on the spot" tip :cheers2: