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Nov 7, 2008
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Well, I finally made one last weekend, and I have a question - Im not known for my culinary skills, and wondered how often I should be 'feeding' it.
It seems if its more than thrice (thats old speak for three times!) I will need more whisky - its amazing how quickly the cake soaks up a glass!
(run out of brandy, hence the whisky...doesnt matter, does it? )

Looking forward to some guidance.....!!!
I dunno - a tumbler full.
How many mls should it be? (...tending to suspect may have overdone it...!)
I am no expert but my mum used to make about half a dozen holes with a meat skewer and pour about a total of 4 teaspoonfulls in total (20mls).

I prefer the sound of your cake:cheers2:
Ooops!! O dear!! Ha ha ha ha!!

...well, I did the hole/skewer thing right!! Its got 2 TUMBLERS full of whisky added to it so far, in less than a week - I presume, Im doing well so far?! :p
What a cake,brilliant,take it down the local pub,sell like hotcake.don't light candles on top.kabooom
What ARE you trying to say? ;)

My learned colleague who sits opposite me, has just informed me it might be a touch too much alcohol - but I dont want it going mouldy, do I?
Mouldy ?
At this rate its going to go Nuclear.

Must dash I have the Dentist to attend(Not my best form of entertainment)..
Don't think there will be any mold probs,you got that sorted,I may be round your place xmas, for a small sherry and slice of cake.
...dont have any sherry glasses, it will have to be served in the same glass that im measuring the whisky out in! Ha ha ha!!!!
At least you sound like you have real fun cooking,does not matter as long as your happy. 1/2 pint of xmas cake please.

Related but slightly off topic, why can't you buy christmas pudding in the summer, I mean you can get mince pies year round. I buy loads in the sales, so I have a few to have now and then. I am well known for eating puddings! Go to a pub, eat no starters ore main courses, just eat puddings. :)


...well, I suppose you could always make them yourself, then you'd have a never ending supply!
But, to me, it looks far too faffy - not as simple as baking a cake.

Me cook :D, I think in the long run it would be cheaper to pay Gordon Ramsey to cook them for me. don't ask, just believe me on this one, the kitchen is a no go area for me, bar beans on toast!


...then i would suggest you stick to your current plan - buy 'em all up after Xmas, and scoff throughout the year!! Ha ha ha!!

ps I had to feed the cake again yesterday, but I wrapped it in foil after...
You can usually buy short dated Christmas puddings around or just after the big day, much reduced in price. A Chrismas Pudding should keep for easily 6 months despite the sell by date, so buy a few up when you see them if you like them so much. :) (I love them)
I like them uncooked cold with a cup of tea :blush5:

Widdershins you fed the cake again! Have you tried standing a hygrometer in it?

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