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Feb 22, 2014
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Thurrock, Essex
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My daughter's playgroup has a few bee hives and as a result my little one has become bee obsessed. Her birthday is coming and she has asked for a toy beehive with bees and honey that you can put in and interact with.

I've done some searching and have not been able to find anything that looks suitable or meets what i know she is imagining.

Has anyone here found quality bee related children's toys or know of any?
Of course it is important to get your daughter off on the right track so..... National or Langstroth or WBC or Smith or Rose or Warre or top bar........ and so it goes on and of course wood or poly. Such decisions at a tender age!!!
Thanks for the replies.

Next year will be easier as I'll just buy her (myself) real hives.
Bee toys? That's an excellent idea! You could even get them different animal toys. How about some dragon toys? Christmas is coming soon and I just got my niece a bee toy (she's super into bees after watching this old disney movie called "the bee's stories") and my nephew a dragon toy (he's the biggest fan of dragon after watching "how to train your dragon"). I have already gift wrapped the toys so no photos for you guys now, but maybe later =)
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