CBPV that won't go away, or die off

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I think maybe your losses would be much lower if you let the sick bees simply fall out.
Are the house bees still removing dead bees from the tray you left in the bottom? Ie are you seeing dead/dying bees in front of the hive?
Actually looked better today, less dead on the tray, that could be because most of the infected have died off. Colony has lots of capped brood and stores and space so i’m hoping they are over the worst but time will tell. I’ve seen it a little in other hives in the same apiary but in low levels that seems to be dealt with (inside hive looks fine but can see them outside and mainly drones) except one which swarmed from my own hives, the original queen seems pretty resilient to most things and now her daughter does too so maybe i’ll have to look at rearing some queens from her. She’s a very dark queen.
Dani, just checked my notes...the 5 colonies i have had last year and this, they are all from the same strain of Q (which usually is superb)

i may need to think of discontinuing this line

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