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hedgerow pete

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Jan 26, 2009
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UK, Birmingham, Sandwell. Pork scratching Bandit c
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I am asking this request every where .

I have started a job which requires me to live away all week.

At the moment i am using my old trailer tent which is ok to start with but is starting to give up the ghost and its flippin freezing evan for me.

I have a budget of £500 give or take .

I am realy looking for a decent caravan of the larger sizes, I can repair most caravan damp issues and can easily rebuild the insides,

If anyone gets to hear of or knows of one that is avalible cheap and inside england, sorry but scotlands to far to travel. please let us know.

I will collect and can bring new wheels and light boards but it must be able to tow :bigear::bigear: