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hedgerow pete

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Jan 26, 2009
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I have just started a job, whoppie
so I am looking for a caravan to stay away in, any way whilst surfing I saw this. I dont think some how its worth his £1700 buy it now!!!

can anyone else find a heap of junk that someone wants far to much money for????

lets have a competition, who can find the most over priced heap of junk on fleabay

£1700 on a buy it now for a heap of rust, i dought if you could evan tow it out the field without ripping the front off completely

Exaggeration! Starting bid is £99? Good value at that - possibly. Some add an excessive BIN price to stop any offers 'to close the sale early'. Likely that is what is happening here?

Regards, RAB
Probably get £ 350 for 3tonne of scrap if you can drive it to the scrappy
or fix it up and fill it with hives - mobile bee house - the bidding will probably close at cheaper than a beehause !
It's only 17 years old - it's younger than me!
Surely it is only worth what someone will pay for it.
I would bid around £250 but think it will go for between £250-£300.
Not quite a joke, but what do people think this is worth?

I am interested in it or any other Howard gen similar?



£500ish. I'd say. I've been waiting for a sensibly priced Howard 350 which doesn't require a day's driving to pick up but to no avail so far.

One thing for sure, you'll be hard pressed to beat any of the Howard models, pound for pound; spare parts are plentiful and accessible too.

Surely it is only worth what someone will pay for it.

I would bid around £250 but think it will go for between £250-£300.

Very true Veg, but ebay drives madness sometimes.

Admin your figure of about £250 was my idea of its value. I pm'ed the seller and he said £450 and he would take it off ebay for a sale:dupe:

We shall see, I am not desperate for it.

When you consider that one of those flimsy tine-driven meccano sets which they offer in the back of the Sunday papers can easily set you back £250/£300 I don't think £450 for a twelve horse Howard is that bad at all. The Honda variants often sell, secondhand, for the £500 mark and in my experience they don't touch the Howard's (under-dig tines seem to loose a lot of 'bite', but they are for our personal safety!).

So long as it's not been miss represented I'd say there's a bargain to be had there, if you can get it for less all the better, but that doesn't change the fact that it is worth the money (in my opinion, based on the write up, of course).

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