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I believe that only a fool (for educational purposes or not) would open up a hive at this time of the year and only a fool would defend the practice
being a 'teaching apiary' is no excuse
And obviously you believe that no one should challenge your belief :laughing-smiley-014
As a teaching apiary I'm sure you have multiple types and styles of hives, including some with OMFs, to show beginners the different options of beekeeping available. Why would you not advocate therefore learning to read the debris on the floor insert? surely a much better skill to teach than opening a hive up to show what not to do?
In early spring when the weather isn’t ideal I inspect some of these winter days like today 14c and the weather is better than some of those spring days I was talking about earlier .
Teach all not just about reading the inspection boards even if it’s not really the right time of year , a training apiary has been set up for training .
a few weeks ago I was showing my daughter mini nucs when we were topping up fondant which are being wintered under a barn , the weather on that day was good , I’m not going to beat myself up about it being umm autumn/winter.
big difference between inspecting in spring when the colonies are coming out of winter and building up and now when colonies are shutting down/sealing up the hive for winter.
Even someone with the most rudimentary knowledge of beekeeping knows that

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