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Busy Bee

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Mar 1, 2009
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N. Ireland
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Hi all,

In a hive inspection yesterday I seen a bee with dark blue pollen on it's legs. Very unusual does anyone know what this sort of plant this would have came from.


Busy Bee
I was just thinking the same Poly. I am waiting for the RBWH to come into flower in the next couple of weeks. When it did last year my bees capped honey like it was going out of fashion. It was very tasty stuff too!!
Willow Herb/Fire Weed, is a major honey plant in BC Canada.

I saw the first rosebay willowherb flowers open at the weekend Busybee. The pollen is the colour of snooker chalk.
I also saw the first lime tree flowers open today and if we get hot and humid weather that can be a major nectar flow.
I've a book about pollen colours, written by Bill Kirk, from Keele University - I did my beginners course with him, about eighteen years ago,

Trouble is, I think I've loaned it out, and I cannot remember to whom.

My ladies were bringing in large amounts of something ranging from an intense yellow right through to a beautiful deep orange today - anybody know what that's likely to be?

Both hives near two small gardens, the remainder is fields, lake, and a couple of streams.

Dark blue pollen

Our bee inspector told us it could be oriental poppies.
If its like the dark blue colour of the forum then its Blackberry.
My girls are loving my New Zealand flax at the moment and bringing in lots of beautiful bright orange pollen from it. If you live near gardens John it maybe this yours are bringing in? (Sorry, don't know how to do the quote thingy...!)


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