Bees and Frampton 13th Sept

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Aug 24, 2009
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Wiltshire, Somerset, S Glos & S Oxfordshire
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Just to let you all know that Stroud Beekeeping Association is booked to come to the Frampton Country Fair tomorrow (13th Sept).

It is not only a GREAT day out (well, I do help organise it) but for those newbeeks among the forum, an ideal chance to talk to beekeepers on site and swap info. They will be in the 'Living and Working Countryside' area, along with, among cider makers and other people who make a living from the countryside, there is the Kipperman too....

Also LOTS more going on ( with main ring events.

Location - Junction 13 on the M5. Follow the signs for Frampton on Severn
Gates open 9.30am ! It is about 30 mins from Bristol, 50 mins from Birmingham, 1 hr from Taunton, 1 hr from Oxford, 2 hrs from London...

Weather looks to be very good. If you see a tall, bald man with a stewards badge on riding a Quad bike, it's me. Say Hello !:cheers2:

I'll be there with Mrs Firegazer. I'll try and find you to say hello :)

We are both booked on your Omlet course too, so it would be good to chat.
Thats a shame,my daughter lives at Hardwicke and I was there last Sunday !
She is with us in Hants this weekend.

I will go next year as I can stay over.

Looks a cracking day out,have fun.
Good day out.

Saw the Stroud beekeepers who were very busy.

Didn't see you, Somerford, but we'll see you at your taster course in a few weeks.
Would you adem and eave it the SBA ran out of honey!! I was told they only had 2 boxes and had to run round collecting honey from other Stroud bee keepers.

WOBBLY BOB had a bit more sense he filled his wagon up and sold out at the end of the day.
So both will be looking for more honey later in the year or loose there new customers to others?