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Nov 9, 2008
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Remember some months ago i mentioned i had taken a phone call about a project, well here is some snippets taken from a doc, sounds really interesting, i know of a couple who are involved had anyone else offered their services on this forum?

How cool would it be to have more bees on Springwatch, i love that programme.

Bee part of it – project overview

  • We are close to finalising the 40 properties needed to link to all the local and regional BBC radio stations.
  • The project is due to go live at the end of May and run until the end of September. The launch will happen just before or to tie in with BBC’s Springwatch TV programme.
  • There are plans for at least one hive to have a Bee Cam to stream to the BBC website/our own website.
  • As part of this project, each radio station will be giving away 1,000 seeds. It is likely that the seeds will be vegetables which are reliant on bee pollination for production. We are waiting for the BBC to confirm the seed choice. The artwork for the packets will then be prepared etc. The seeds will either be given away on air, or via the BBC Springwatch roadshows which the BBC is planning.
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Can you explain what you mean by quote: (I did however Cringe when they said that they had approached the BBKA, get that lot involved and a good project will go bad)

As i'm new am i missing something ?
well i don't get it ???
well i don't get it ???


in time you will come to understand that BBKA is a typical bureucratic large organsisation that doesnt listern to its members

it lumbers on like a blind bull elelphnat, not knowing which direction is right and which is wrong. it is controlled by a few elite members voted in by block county votes..typical is the recent acceptance of funding from Bayer the insecticide manufacturer against most individual beeks views

..whatever direction BBKA lumber off in , it is difficult to get it to change direction

This forum was set up as a foil to the "dark Side" forum on BBKA...on the dark side forume you are more likely to read in reply to a beginers the Bl***dy FAQs and not bother us, wheras on here all question are answered, sometimes wrongly but allways anwsered..there is not even a easily visible link on the BBKA home page to their forum ...which is why it started to be call it on the "dark side" ( being like on the dark side of the moon..hidden)
so keep asking...its all knowledge and helps those who are too afraid to ask
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Thanks for that muswellmetro
So is the BBKA worth joining , as i believe that all bee organsisations seem to belong to it.
Wow I'm impressed the National trust want to pitch in and help yet the Wildlife Trust shun bee keepers from keeping a hive on their land. They only care for their so-called native insects and feel one hive would have a major damaging impact on the native insect populations and food reserves.

So I asked their thoughts on feral colonies on their land and was told feral colonies are different, they have little to no impact !! :willy_nilly:

I'm left wondering if this person is on the BBKA board...
Thanks for that muswellmetro
So is the BBKA worth joining , as i believe that all bee organsisations seem to belong to it.

well there is always hope it will change!..and you need the £5m insurance that comes with your subs if you sell honey and or keep bees anywhere near people

some on here are not members of BBKA but most beeks in england are...Wales and Scotland have their own organsisation which always confuses me as to why its BBKA not English BKA
>you need the £5m insurance that comes with your subs if you sell honey and or keep bees anywhere near people.

No you do not.

>some on here are not members of BBKA but most beeks in england are.

No they are not.
there's an increasing body of people who are questioning whether insurance is actually necessary or worth sacrificing one's principles for - I've NEVER heard of anyone being sued for the actions of their bees (how the hell can anyone prove it's "one of mine" anyway?), and if the only justification for continued membership of such a scurrilous organisation is insurance* of dubious necessity, then they can swivel on it!
I'm one of many who've decided not to be a member as a point of principle - with excellent fora such as this, it is not a necessity!

*What's the betting that in the unlikely event of a claim that the insurance company would unleash the full panoply of the "insurance companies' dirty tricks not to pay out department" - "Well I'm sorry sir, it was a Thursday, the hive wasn't painted pink, and it would appear your membership of the scheme is invalid because we haven't yet received full payment from head office for the block insurance"....................
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>you need the £5m insurance that comes with your subs if you sell honey and or keep bees anywhere near people.

No you do not.

>some on here are not members of BBKA but most beeks in england are.

No they are not.

ok ,you can join the BDI without being a member of BBKA, and you can go without insurnace

but on the membership. 15000 beekeepers are in the BBKA so how many Beeks are there not in it?

Wightbees...this is why i like this forum, it passes the boring time bewteen october to april...and stop me drinking too much gin...after april, i just look after the girls
BDI is not even worth having,and about two thirds of beekeepers are not members of bbka,perhaps even more now with the new influx,most of the potential new beekeepers i speak to,and thats a fair few, have not even heard of bbka,bbc and itv that the bee's are becoming extinct,but not bbka.
Go steady on that gin MM...LOL.
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I don't think anyone knows for sure, but I've heard figures of 35-40,000, which means the BBKA represents only a minority of them (and then in name only, and incredibly badly - they do a much better job of representing the interests of Syngenta and Bayer)
but at the end of the day

but at the end of the day:
there is no large organisation fighting our corner with government.
i say, well done the bbka.....keep up your work anf lobying.
without them, i would never have have progressed as a beekeeper
Unfortunately your opinion is a minority one and the BBKA have done themselves no favours with Government by their attitude. I hear the Gov discounts them heavily in favour of the BFA (fair enough) and BIBBA which is rather sad as communications is not really their strong suit.

I may be wrong but I understood that part of the insurance covered your equipment in the event of an outbreak of AFB or EFB and your hives being burned by the government and perhaps more importantly they have a record of the fact that you are a beekeeper and can contact you in the event of a AFB and EFB to see if you are affected and what actions to take to try and stop the spread and eradicate it.

Obviously responsible beekeepers will contact the right people even if they are not members of the BBKA but lots of new beekeepers reading threads like this one may not know or dont want to know what happens within the BBKA and may be put of from joining the BBKA from the comments made and only a number of close people to them and themselves may only know that they are beekeepers and AFB and EFB may go undetected for quite sum time despite surrounding hives being destroyed.

We talk about not importing bees to stop the spread of disease but this is a small island and with the demand on the supply of bees how long befor bees are brought down from Scotland to be sold south of the border. I for one think it is important that ALL new beekeepers joine the BBKA hopefully through their local association and for the independant associations they hold records.

Obviously we will have many hives and no one other than the owner knows of the hive and no one can account for that but it will be important to keep this number as low as possible because is just may happen and it also could be our foot and mouth.
I am not going to write in favour of the BBKA as they have many issues that many beekeepers are having trouble with.

I am very much in favour of being a member of the local association, I am not so sure that the Association being a part of the BBKA is such a great idea.

If there is a disease issue, and this drum gets thumped constantly as the be all and end all of a great deal of issues, then a local level is where the information needs to be.

If you study the disease insurance and BBKA does NOT offer insurance to my paltry knowledge of them, that is done by the BDI Scheme, which has been called the smallest insurance company in the world, then you will find that not a great deal is actually covered.

Beekeeping politics move very slowly in the uk, and since this forum and others have taken off matters are now moving at a speed unknown before. Institutions need to learn to move accordingly, and some will be left behind.

That is very apparent.

I joined my local association
which supports the BBKA
For me it was a good thing, as it was the association that introduced me to Bee keeping.
The Allotment members where I am siting one of my Hives want to see some form of Public Liability Insurance.
I was able to show my BBKA membership, which they accepted covered this.
This unfortunately is symptomatic of precisely how a bunch of "suits" hold power in the British Beekillers Association, they trade on the goodwill of good people towards the excellent local level associations, and the sterling work that they do, particularly with beginners.
The other sad fact is that many beekeepers "just want to get on with beekeeping", and view any attempt to change things with distrust, often completely unaware of the appalling things that are done in their name. :svengo:
Ok , well it looks like i stired things up a bit here.
ummm :) what are they doing wrong then (BBKA)

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